Older citizents of Bled still remember, that this inn, had changed a lot of names and owners in its now a hundred year old history. Long have we thought about what to name our inn, and in the end decided to name it after its old name Murka.

The inn’s history dictated us to look back in to the past, and offer our guests a homelike atmosphere and food. Because of that motto, we offer a wide variety of Slovenian national dishes such as cheese dumplings, barley soup, stufed pork stomach »gorenjska style«,… Beefsteaks, steaks, and other »international« cuisine is also not missing.

We are particularly proud of our wine cellar, which we reorganized from an old iceroom. Inside we keep top quality wines from all different wine regions of Slovenia. In the wine cellar we can organize wine tastings for a maximum of 25 guests.

On our terrace, where we can organize slovene folklor evenings, live music or medieval feasts, we built a charcoal grill for all manner of different grilled dishes.
Our inn can accept up to 70 guests inside in four separated rooms, the front terrace can accept 20 guests and our large terrace 104 guests.

Our offer includes menus suited for business meetings, saturday and Sunday lunches, bus turists, organized groups and festive events. Besides our standard menus we can arrange special menus according to your whishes.
We also organize special events, for guests who want to experience Bled a little differently. Together with us you can go back in Bled’s history, visit Bled island with lunch on the pletna boat, try genuine Slovene schnaps, top quality Slovene wines, enjoy a medieval show on Bled castle and together with an accordian watch Slovene folklore dancing. All this together with excellent food will leave an unforgetable memory of Bled and Murka Inn.

From Monday to Friday we offer fresh snacks and daily lunches.

Opend every day: from Monday to Friday form 10h to 22h, Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 12h to 23h.