The program will take place in our restaurant with the following order:

– Folklore group dressed in traditional slovenian costumes will serve you with home made brandy at the beginning of the   evening.
– First routine of dances.
– Appetizer – mushroom soup .
– Presentation of womens folklore dress.
– Main course – farmer’s plate.
– Second routine of dances and presentation of mens folklore dress.
– Dessert at the end of the evening followed by an invitation to join in with the dancing.

Farmer’s plate includes:

Home made brandy


Mushroom soup


Roasted pork “visoška” style, grilled sausage and stuffed

pork stomach “gorenjska” style with sauerkraut and buckweath mush


Walnutt dumplings

(The menu can be changed according to your wishes.)

The program is organized for a minimum number of 15 persons.